Aislin Quinn

Meleni Frothy Balancing Cleanser


Meleni Frothy Balancing Cleanser is a voluptuous and velvety, water activated gel-to-foam cleanser, created around transformational botanical ingredients that dissolve makeup and impurities, gently lift debris, and thoroughly purify the pores while protecting the skin's natural moisture and elasticity.  This luxurious cleansing foam enriches the skin with an extraordinary infusion of advanced botanicals and skincare actives that balance high performance cleansing with advanced conditioning so the skin feels lush, soft, and fresh.

Our elegant and experiential formula features the rare snow leopard melon - a truly multifaceted ingredient capable of deeply cleansing the skin, while maintaining hydration and stimulating cellular regeneration and formation.  Together with antimicrobial kiwi, inflammation soothing goldenseal, and blemish diminishing starfruit, our botanical cleansing complex stimulates micro-circulation, soothes irritation, minimizes redness, sweeps away congestion, banishes blemish causing bacteria, and firms the pores.  

Further enhancing the formula are vital skin actives niacinimide, allantoin, and panthenol.  This trio of actives further supports the skin's natural radiance by supporting the skin's protective barrier, cellular longevity and proliferation, and healthy hydration, while normalizing sebum producing and reducing redness and inflammation.

Meleni is a beautiful cleanser for all skin types, and especially wonderful for those that desire a foaming cleanser that delivers results without making the skin feel stripped.

The Ritual

Apply 5-7 to dry fingertips and add a small amount of water.  Gently work Meleni into a velvety lather and sweep in circular motions over the face, paying special attention to areas of excess oil or problem areas.  Rinse away with fresh water and pat dry.

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