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New! Our Lovinah Essential Starter Kit includes:

Black Tea Cleanser

Dragon’s Blood Toner

Dragon’s Blood Serum

Third Eye Serum

Divine Moisturizer 

Cast a Magical Beauty Spell with our 5-piece Facial Beauty Spell Ritual travel-friendly kit designed to cleanse, boost, moisturize, hydrate and nourish the skin. The Beauty Spell Facial Ritual is a complete skin care regimen specially formulated to help keep the skin balanced and hydrated. This beauty spell ritual kit will help to hydrate, exfoliate, nourish and protect the skin with a powerful blend of natural enzymes, antioxidants and vitamins. Use as directed to improve the overall health of your skin, boost collagen production, defend against environmental damages and fight off signs of premature aging.

The Beauty Spell Facial Ritual Kit includes:

  1. Power Cleansing Balm (15 ml.): vitamin C multi-purpose balm to cleanse, nourish and help remove makeup, impurities and toxins from the skin.
  2. Blue Butterfly Mask (15 ml.): Sea to Skin mask, with marine prebiotics revitalize and re-mineralize the skin. Use to protect the skin’s microbiome from environmental damages,hydrate and brighten the skin.
  3. Chocolate Truffle Mask (15 ml.): powerful anti-aging and collagen boosting mask to help recharge, regenerate, and illuminate your skin with the miraculous power of truffles, mushrooms and raw pure cacao.
  4. Royal Jelly Overnight Mask (10 ml.): peptide based sleep mask to help hydrate, protect and brighten the skin.
  5. Goddess Glow Balm (15 ml.): antioxidant rich anti-aging pressed serum/balm with bakuchiol to help rejuvenate the skin.

Ideal for these Concerns: Aging Skin, Oiliness, Free Radical Damage, Large Pores, Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Ideal for these Skin Types: Oily Skin, Dry Skin, Combination Skin, Normal Skin

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