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NEW! Elevate your space with pure essential oils. 

High volume cool mist diffuser in marbled handblown glass.

Allows you to enjoy the LILFOX luxury essential oil blends (or single note essential oils) throughout your home. A stunning minimalist design that will add a hint of art deco style to any room.

The Ritual

Fill up vessel with water to fill line.

Add 5-20 drops of pure essential oil or blend and place the cap and marble cover back on.

Press play and enjoy. 

Press Once: Continuous Mist for 3 hours. 

Press Twice: Intermittent mist in 30 second intervals for 5 hours. 

Safety: Diffuser will automatically turn off when water level is low.

Product Details

Capacity: 120ml 

Material: Hand Blown Glass in a marbled finish. 

Cool mist will cover a space of 750 square feet. For large spaces, add 15-30 drops. 


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