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Goldenrod Tea


Kidney balancing, whole flower loose tea

This beautiful hand-gathered goldenrod tea is of a truly unprecedented quality. The stunningly gorgeous whole flower heads are collected in remote meadows in the Pacific Northwest during the early stage of blooming, late in the summer. (We always take care to leave plenty of blooms behind to reseed for next year.) The flower stems are dried whole in the shade, then the flower heads are trimmed. We suggest brewing one flower head at a time, ideally in a larger, clear teapot, to savor the beautiful unfurling and brightening of each flower as it brews. Although it is an effective medicinal herb with a wide range of benefits for the kidneys, urinary tract system, and more, goldenrod can be used safely without supervision by an herbalist or naturopath. The brewed tea has a sunny, mellow flavor. 


Goldenrod is known as a kidney balancer and a diuretic. It improves kidney function, maintains the health of the urinary tract system, helps prevent urinary tract infections, and can even clear up bouts of "kidney acne," which is characterized by small, red pimples and irritated skin with reddish dry patches. 

Goldenrod is lightly cooling and is useful for those who suffer from environmental allergies, especially hay fever and cat allergies. It can also help heal conjunctivitis. The tea can help ease the effects of chronic fatigue, physical and emotional depletion, and sun deficiency during the darker months.


Sunny-floral, a touch sweet, mellow.


Flowering heads of wildcrafted Solidago canadensis (Canada goldenrod). Gluten free. Caffeine free. 


Washington, United States.


Take a whole flower head or a section and place inside a teapot, tea mug, or French press. Brew using filtered, freshly boiled water. Steep, covered, for 10 to 15 minutes, then strain. Add honey or agave nectar if desired. The same herbs may be brewed a second time.

Sustainable Packaging

Our teas are packaged in eco-friendly clear bags made from cellulose, which is a naturally abundant organic material, then in cardboard boxes for shipping. The cellulose used in the bags is derived from renewable wood pulp that is sustainably harvested from FSC-managed plantations. The bags are certified 100% compostable, meaning they can be composted both by individuals at home and in industrial composting facilities, and are marine degradable, which means that, unlike many other "biodegradable" products, these bags can break down not only in landfills, but also in marine environments.

And perhaps even more important than the materials we have chosen are the materials that we have opted not to use. Our teas are never packaged in individual tea bags or pouches, which produce an enormous quantity of waste that typically ends up in landfill sites. Most tea bags are made from wood pulp or vegetable fiber that is bleached using potentially toxic chemicals, and contain noncompostable metal staples, and many are lined with heat-resistant polypropylene plastic in order to prevent them from bursting open when in transit or in the cup. This means that even tea bags labeled “biodegradable” or “compostable” will, for the most part, not completely break down in a compost heap. We also avoid aluminum tea pouches, which are not compostable, and metal tea tins, which in many cases are not accepted for recycling.

Freshness guaranteed for 12 months. Full size 37 g (1.3 oz).

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