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A sunlit skin savior, crafted to nurture chronically inflamed, barrier compromised skin. A summer's worth of resin-rich calendula flowers bring archetypal solar energy, channeling the profound regenerative healing energy of the sun.

Tucuma, sal & shea butters help fragile skin cultivate resiliency and lock in moisture. A substantial dose of precious sea buckthorn berry works to calm inflammation & soothe redness. Talisman is truly a good luck charm for issues like eczema, rosacea, perioral (or other random) dermatitis, etc. Wax free, free of essential oils.

Personality - Boudica

Elements - water & earth

Purpose - calendula barrier repair balm

The Ritual

  • apply a small lentil sized dab every morning or evening to freshly cleansed skin

  • you may apply to face, neck, chest & undereye area

  • you may mix with a few drops of toner or water before applying

  • you may apply an oilserum prior to talisman repair balm


Balms are fantastic as a nourishing & decongesting cleanser. Apply a dime-sized amount to dry skin, massage in thoroughly, and remove with a warm cloth.

The Results

Skin is calm, nourished and deeply restored.

Skin Types

Formulated for all skin types.


organic high linoleic sunflower oil infused with organic calendula officinalis flowers, sal butter, tucuma butter, organic shea butter, sea buckthorn co2, calendula co2, mixed tocopherols (non-gmo vitamin e).

Product Details

Full size: 50 ml

Handcrafted in Oregon

Talisman Repair Balm has a shelf life of 12 months after opening. Keep in mind that whole plant nutrients are alive and evanescent. For best results please start using Talisman promptly and consistently. If you aren't able to use it for a week or longer, please store it in the refrigerator with the cap tightly closed until you're able to incorporate it back into your daily skin care ritual. Always store your HG products out of direct sunlight & prolonged heat, and keep the cap tightly closed.

These things can impact the shelf life of naturally preserved products:

  • exposure to sunlight
  • exposure to heat
  • exposure to air/oxygen
  • exposure to the bacteria naturally present on the skin
  • exposure to water or steam

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