Rachel's Plan Bee

Lotion Stick


This was the first moisturizer that I created for my son's dry and sensitive skin. The comforting scents of natural beeswax, citrus oils, and vanilla are released as you warm up the stick in your palm and massage the melted product on dry skin like cuticles, elbows, knees, and feet. 

A little goes a long way. Best when applied to damp skin. 

    The Ritual

    Push up from the bottom to expose a small amount of product at the top of the paper tube. Massage stick into the palm of your hand. Apply the melted oils in your hand to just washed areas of dry skin. 

    The Results

    • Organic shea butter is one of nature's best emollients derived from the vegetable fat of the African Karite tree and highly sought after for its excellent ability to soften dry skin.
    • Grapeseed oil is an easily absorbed light oil that like beeswax works as a barrier to prevent loss of moisture. Made from the seeds of grapes (a byproduct of an industry already in place), it is non-greasy oil and in our products works with other ingredients to ease dry skin and improve the condition of your hands and cuticles. No more cracked skin!

    Skin Types

    Formulated for all skin types.


    Beeswax, shea butter*, coconut oil*, grapeseed oil, tocopherol (mixed)**, citrus sinensis (sweet orange) oil*, vanilla planifolia and citrus paradisii (grapefruit) peel oil.

    *certified organic **non-gmo

    Product Details

    Full size: 1 oz

    Handcrafted in Texas

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