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Moonlight Bath Soak


Stressful day at work? trouble sleeping?.. Our Moonlight Bath Soak helps you unwind and relax. Celtic, Magnesium, Dead Sea & Pink Himalayan Sea Salt will detoxify and replenish your skin whilst the Lavender essential oil relaxes the mind & soul. Try this bath soak before bed and treat yourself to a full nights sleep.

The Ritual

Add a sprinkle to hot running water and allow the salts to dissolve. Step in and let your mind & body experience a new sensation.

Skin Types

Formulated for all skin types. 


+Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, +Magnesium Flakes, +Celtic Sea Salt, +Dead Sea Salt, Lavendula (Lavender buds & Essential Oil)*


+Approved non organic ingredient

potential allergens from essential oils – Geraniol, Limonene & Linalool

Product Details

Full size: 500 g

Product comes in a standard glass jar with white lid.

Handmade in small fresh batches in the UK

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