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Organic Blue Tranquility Balm


Our raw & organic Blue Tranquility Balm is made from a sun ripened fusion of six of nature’s most exotic plants. Delicately and harmoniously folded together to create a velvety skin nourishing Balm to pour love into your precious skin and through your skin, into you. A self care ritual of concentrated supernatural fruits and flowers...

Organic Shea butter and Nilotica Butter, cold blended with Pomegranate & Amaranth CO2 extracts enriched with the steam distilled essential oil of wild grown Moroccan Blue Tansy Flower and Chamomile flower extract. .

The natural magic of raw ingredients mean that every new batch made with freshly harvested ingredients will always yield a completely unique spectrum of light and color.

The Ritual

Apply after cleansing to wet, slightly damp or dry skin. Begin by holding your finger against the balm to melt it against your finger. This small amount is enough to begin the ritual. Pat or stroke your finger onto to your skin. Repeat this process until you feel your skin has drunk all it needs to. Breathing deeply and calmly and focusing all your attention on the sensation and aroma of Blue Tranquility will anchor you in the moment and help restore calm.

The Results

  • Blue Tranquility Balm Concentrate is an aromatherapeutic balm concentrate to cool, calm and soothe. Melting at the touch, sinking away without a trace.
  • A raw, organic fusion of organic CO2 extracted pomegranate & amaranth in a creamy raw organic shea butter balm to soothe & revive your skin back to glowing radiant health. A cauldron of natural magic.

Skin Types

Formulated for all skin types, especially skin prone to redness, puffiness and dryness. Excellent after sun treatment, helping to restore and rebalance moisture levels in the skin.


Butryspermum parkii (shea) nut butter (raw food grade and organic), wild harvested Nilotica Butter (cold pressed), *punica granatum (pomegranate) seed extract, *amaranthus caudatus (amaranth) seed extract, *Blue Tansy Essential Oil, *Chamomile Flower CO2 extract, *rosemarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf extract.

*100% certified organic ingredient.

What does CO2 extracted mean?

CO2-extraction is a very modern technology for producing lipophilic (oil) plant extracts.

CO2-extraction also known as Supercritical fluid extraction is a cold process that is very gentle and leaves no solvent residues because it is a closed system process done under pressure so once the process is complete the pressure is reduced and the liquid CO2 which acts as the solvent turns back into a gas and is captured to use again and again. This centrifugal method separates the total bio-active properties such as antioxidants, nutrients, vitamins, minerals, natural flavours, essential oils and special essential fatty oils from the plant materials.

CO2-extracts are used as cosmetics ingredients, in perfumes, food and food supplements and in aromatherapy. CO2-extracts are sterile and need no preservation. They are produced in the absence of light and air and are accepted to be a superior method of seed oil extraction to all other extraction methods including cold pressed seed oils.

Product Details

Full size: 20 ml

Handcrafted in Hampshire UK 

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